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Your one stop acrylic center for any shape and or product. VIP Plastics has a proud heritage of customer service and reliability since 1998. Our top priority is to empower the people we touch every day - our employees and our customers. By living our Core Ideology and always actively listening; we continue to cultivate an energetic, rewarding and passionate atmosphere that fulfills our staff and keeps us producing products that people truly need.VIP Plastics is dedicated to serving you. Your order will be treated individually, in a professional manner. We are only interested in serving you with the right acrylic for the right application, providing quality products from inventory at competitive prices. All of our products are designed to provide the most effective, easy-to-use display and merchandising solutions for businesses at any stage in their life cycle. It’s our mission to help you connect with the world and build your brand with products that are personalized to your needs. Our philosophy is simple. Combine,quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and the desire to gain the trust of our customers while offering extremely
competitive pricing.


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